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Our solutions for healthy aging

  • Science-based nutraceuticals
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  • Test & track via our epigenetic DNA analysis
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THE why

We love getting older, but there is something about aging that doesn’t feel quite right. Why is it, for instance, that as we age, our chances of getting chronic diseases increases? Why does our body become frail and fragile? Why do we risk a decline in mental capacity and brain health?

At Zirtui, we are here to combat the secondary effects of aging. Because we like getting older, but we don’t want to become old. And nor should you.

Our focus is on supporting your body’s real age, also called biological age. We now know that age truly is just a number and that the right choices can help lowering your biological age.


  • Johan (53):

    Every morning my girlfriend and I drink our green Zirtui drink. Just mix it with the mixer and that's it. I'm 53 but my biological age is now in the 40s. Zirtui keeps me young!

  • Lore (40):

    Zirtui THE blend is part of my daily health routine. Besides a good night
    sleep, healthy food & exercise I like to support my cell health with this green

  • Louise (38)

    Hi Zirtui, just to let you know that I feel super after 2 months of taking THE blend! An additional advantage is that my gut transit is so much better!

  • Christ (67)

    I have been taking my daily serving of Zirtui for several months now. Easy in a yoghurt or hot drink (which then turns green). People usually react with disbelief when I say how old I am. And I want to keep it that way!